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29 October 2009

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27 October 2009

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Dark Wind Blows
19 October 2009

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The Hardware
12 October 2009

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After Some Hesitation
26 September 2009

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Small Town Parade
25 September 2009

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Plastic and Flesh
22 September 2009

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Fairly Weathered
20 September 2009

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A Warning
19 September 2009

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Those Nights
15 September 2009

Recent Comments

heiko on Denim
i love your colours! i mean all the dark, creepy and "living" colours in your pics, they really feel alive! ...

MadScientist on People from the Path
I almost can feel the texture. Wonderful tones, too.

MadScientist on Occurring Across Japan as a Whole
Fascinating blue 'wave'.

Cat on Ghostly Lights, Sometimes Seen at Night
this is haunting...awesome photo

Adele on Ghostly Lights, Sometimes Seen at Night
The space aliens have arrived in your neighborhood, and it is only a matter of time... There's nothing there and ...

Logan on Trapped in the Belly
...and the machine is bleeding to death. Brilliant images, full of feeling.

Adele on Dark Wind Blows
Big Mac's watching you!

MadScientist on Dark Wind Blows
Amazing: two yellow arcs and everybody knows what's going on. :-)

Curly on Dark Wind Blows
Looks like a symbol of America there, like a great iconic monolith fighting against the elements.

Helen on Dark Wind Blows
Very nice.

MadScientist on All Leering
Very cinematic, reminds me of various Michael Mann movies.

Michael W. Gilbert on Truly the Last
All of your images are stills from a film, the one I hope you get a chance to make someday!

eme chiquilla on Truly the Last
wowww! gorgeous night shot!!! love the colours you got!

MadScientist on Truly the Last
I second heiko!

heiko on Truly the Last
amazing colours, but may not be the last, please!

MadScientist on You Twirl Lovers
I really like the softness of this shot.

MadScientist on The Sun Has Fallen
A symphony of colours, a pleasure to watch.

MadScientist on The Radio On
I like these colours, they seem to glow.

Kerstin Nelson on Those Nights
Beautiful light and colors.

Kerstin Nelson on The Radio On
Very LA in the winter. Like the mood.

heiko on A Spore, He Said

heiko on The Church Lot
a big Favorite !

MadScientist on Middle of the Century
Super colours and bokeh, I like the softness of this shot!

Fade ToBLACK on Middle of the Century
Great shot I like this

heiko on Also Called Promnesia
i really like this pictures, they got an incredible feeling of speed and busy, smooth background lights, TOP!

Michael W. Gilbert on Small Town Parade
Tim Burton would be proud!

heiko on Small Town Parade
nice dark and funny shot!

heiko on Fairly Weathered
the tone is brilliant! like the dark is on its way and light shows its last strike of power befor "dying".

Albert on Fairly Weathered
Brilliant photo! I like the composition and the post-processing. Well done!

lux on Vertigo, Two Degrees
Great! The valley of tar.

lux on Edge of the Forest
Nice -but spooky!

lux on A Warning
Very nice and funny!

jee on Traces, Etched
love you blog

jee on Winter is Coming
Autumn is going...

MadScientist on Season Over Growth
Very subtle.

mwgilbert on Season Over Growth
this is a movie still from an old french classic film that only exists in my mind...

jafar on Season Over Growth
great shot.

H.S on Season Over Growth
really gorgeous shot! I liked it a lot! well done!

Tony Duque on Something Unusual
I'll say it's unusual... and very beautiful, too. It looks for the world like a night view of the LA basin, ...

Andrew on Those Nights
A quite delightful photograph....good shot!!

MadScientist on Vertigo, Two Degrees
Wow! Spectacular! Like so many of your shots here!

heiko on Vertigo, Two Degrees
what an interesting microcosmos

Amir on Vertigo, Two Degrees
Where were you when taking this shot. I am originally from L.A. area. Is this from the vista of Mulholland drive?

Michael W. Gilbert on Traces, Etched
Very cool, looks like tilt-shift?

heiko on Season of Fire
stunning landscape and colors, surreal

gene ward on Underwater Station Fire
I've looked through your photos. I think they are highly artistic and stimulating. Great work!

Christophe Esnard on Underwater Station Fire
Belles couleurs.

Orely on Underwater Station Fire
i like the colors giving this particular atmosphere nice shot have a nice day ^_^

mirela on Tame Frame Rain
wonderful shot and framing! kudos!

olivier Paillet on Non Repeating Text Sure
Nice shot !! Love the tones !!

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